02 March 2011

Up up and JEWISH!? What? Really?

In the introduction of Up, Up and Oy Vey they explain some of the small connections that comics have to things like the bible. Did Jewish beliefs really influence comics? The introduction talks about the amazing stories told on Jewish holy days, "Good prevailing over evil." This is exactly what comics are about. The introduction it also point out how the comic book hero's personify a theme or themes from Jewish traditions. The book Up, Up, and Oh Vey shows all comic readers the connections that comics have with things such as the bible and Jewish traditions.
Chapter one basically gives you all the evidence to show you that comics and the bible do have some similarities. The most popular superhero today was created by two Jewish boys. Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster. They based him off of what they were like and how they wanted to be. They made superman very patriotic. Superman was first introduced in Action Comics #1. The first issue featuring Superman sold out. Throughout Up, Up and Oy Vey they show how every comic with superman had something to do with Jewish values. And how it took place during World War II. They also make some connections with the bible. When describing how Superman was sent here by his father who put him in a little space ship and sent him to Earth. This goes along with how they sent Moses in a reed basket to a better place. There are many connections like this throughout the Superman comics.
Comics really are connected to the bible and Jewish traditions. This piece really has me believing. There are so many small similarities that I don't think people really notice. But they are there and now that I have read this piece I can see it. Comics are all about super hero's doing good and over coming evil. This is the same thing as the bible the stories that they tell are all similar. Coincidence? I think not! Up, Up, and Oy Vey gives you all the evidence to convince you that comics have some Jewish traditions tied in.

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  1. Your title has me saying, "What? Really?"

    It also seems that your lower-case "I"s has become contagious and spread to names like "Superman", as well ;-)