02 March 2011

Up, Up, And Oy Vey: Is Superman Jewish

In November 1938 Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster gave birth to the first superhero comics book. This marked the birth of many's favorite: Superman. In the book Up, UP, And Oy Vey Simcha Weinstein takes the readers on a trip down memory lane. on that provides information on the origin of this phenomenal figure in society. the main idea brought forward was the belief that the character is actually Jewish. The writer began by taking her readers back in time to the biblical days where she made reference to the fact that there were super patriarchs and super matriarchs that existed in that period. These existed in the form of Moses, Davis and Sampson. it is believed that superman was created in a time when the Jews needed an intervention. this was in 1938 when the Nazi's launched a great attack on the Jews. The creators of the character were bot Jews themselves. The master minds gave the super hero an identity, a human reporter called Clark Kent. The Writer Siegel admitted that there were aspects of the character's characteristics that mirrored his own lifestyle. The most common being the level of shyness displayed especially when it relates to females.
There was an actual scene in the comic where Lois was placed before a firing squad during the Nazi attack on the Jew and predictably she was rescued by her lover Superman. The Author reveals the original name of Superman which is Kal-El. he made reference to the fact that most great biblical characters name ended with suffix El. Isra-el, Dani-el, Samu-el, Micha-el, Gabri-el. he also stated that the suffix "Kal" meant "with lightness", "swiftness", "vessel" and "voice". This the author believes directs us towards the ethnicity of the character. Finally, the author made reference to the birth of Moses which he mirrored to that of Superman. They were bot placed in vessels by their parents with the hope of them surviving and not having to face the pending destruction upon their lives. Both Moses and Superman were entrusted wit special powers and capabilities to save other from the hands of evil men forces that lurked around. In the end of the article superman defeated the Nazi and reminisces on his childhood that took place in the 1920's.
As a reader that has recently been introduced to the value of comics. I must admit that it was very intriguing reading the introduction and first chapter of the book. Based on the evidence and logic provide I am favored to agree wit the notion that Superman is indeed Jewish. Firstly, the creators of the characters are Jewish decent and this I believe will factor into the characteristics and ethnicity of the character. Most writer transports their experiences, beliefs and own characteristics in their characters. Secondly, the origin of the original name made perfect sense whether it was deliberate or coincidental. The writer supported her arguments with good and solid proofs, which I found hard to disregard and refute. Finally, the similarity that was identified in the birth and purpose of both Moses and Superman made the claim more believable and provided a convincing story. Now I might be wrong along with the author. However, based on the facts provided I am left to agree with the argument and belief: Superman is Jewish

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  1. Not a bad post, sheneika, but you do need to proofread more closely--try drafting your posts in Word where you can spell check them.

    Your summary has some random bits to it though--such as the comic in which Superman saves Lois from Nazis.

    Regardless, I'm glad you got something from the reading. Weinstein does make some points that are hard to argue with. But keep in mind, he isn't trying to prove that Superman is Jewish, just that he embodies Jewish teachings.