20 April 2011

The Amazing Spider-man

In the 2002, American classic Spider-man, a young man named Peter Parker, who’s just a normal, nerdy teenage boy, lives in New York, next to his longtime neighbor, and crush, Mary Jane Watson. On a school field trip, when Peter is taking pictures of his heartthrob a genetically altered spider bites him on the hand. Later he returns home and rushes to his room as he passes out on the floor. Meanwhile Norman Osborne, the father of Peter’s best friend Harry, volunteers himself for his company’s science experiment, when it goes wrong and he kills his assistant. The next morning, Peter wakes up and he notices he is different. He no longer needs his glasses to see and he goes from skinny to a very athletic build. Later that day at school, Peter gets in a fight with Flash Thompson. During, he notices that he has a “spidey-sense”, he’s super strong, and can shoot webs from his wrists. After the fight, he runs out of the school, and in an empty alley-way, he notices that he can also climb walls. He signs up for a wrestling contest in an attempt to win money and buy a car to impress Mary Jane. He does so, except the person in charge didn’t pay him all his money. So when that same guy is being robbed, Peter lets him get away. Though the robber steals Peter’s uncle’s car, and kills his uncle, Ben Parker. Peter comes to realize that with the powers he has, he has a responsibility to help the people of New York. Norman Osborne becomes the Green Goblin, Peter Parker/Spider-man’s first major enemy. After battle, after battle between the two, the Norman Osborne/Green Goblin dies on an attempt to kill Spider-man. Peter then realizes that he cannot juggle a relationship and being Spider-man, and he chooses the responsibility of having power.
This movie is a really good one, as it portrays the origin of one of my favorite superheroes. This movie started the popularity of superheroes in Hollywood. Also the 9/11 tragedy helped this spark as people can find hope through these themes of someone saving the day.


  1. Not bad Pierce! You do a good job of explaining the movie, til the end of your blog. Maybe give some more detail about Norman Osborn, or his son Harry. Overall though, you cover some of the major parts of the movie.

  2. Agreed.

    Still a good post, though ;-)