12 April 2011

The First Masked Heroes!

Watchmen, is about Hollis Mason's autobiography. It talks about how Mason became a "masked adventurer". He starts the story by gaining the sympathy of his audience. He learns this technique from a woman who works at a grocery store. Her name is Denise. Mason talks about his years in the police force and how he got into this fad of superheroes. After he read Action Comics is when he became a "masked adventurer". After being on his own he joined a group of these early superheroes. They were called the "Minutemen". The Silhoutte, Silk Spectre, Comedian, Hooded Justice, Captain Metropolis, Nite Owl, and Dollar Bill were all the heroes in this group. They didn't last long as a group. They all went their separate ways and decided not to fight crime. In the later years a new breed of superheroes was born. These superheroes actually had super powers unlike the Minutemen. This elite band of heroes also fought crime for the good of the people. I really liked this reading and it talks about comics in the 1930s. Even in books it talks about how comics have had an influence in American society. I too thought this was a real life autobiography. I have never seen the movie Watchmen, but I really want to see it now!


  1. You can probably expand on some of the story details you bring up, but I also agree that I would like to see the Watchmen movie now.

  2. This was a good summary, short and to the point. But you could have expanded on more of the ideas and details in the reading. The movie is AWESOME! You guys need to watch it! Hahaha.

  3. Really? Reading an excerpt from a book makes you want to watch the movie instead of read the rest of the book?! Really?!

    It's a terrible movie ;-)

    Your summary is much too vague, Derrick. And since you don't really respond to the reading, the summary doesn't really accomplish anything :-/