12 April 2011

Heroes Never Die

This reading is talks about how the Minutemen came to be, ascended up the popularity ladder, and later faded away almost all together. The reading starts off by talking about the writer's saddest memory, intended to capture the reader and introduce his story. Later, he writes about how the story of Superman was the most inspirational comic to convince him to become a superhero and how after that, it took him almost three months to decide that he was really going to do it. After he became the "Night Owl" several other people became masked heroes as well. Later, the few of these masked heroes united and became what is known as the Minutemen.
Throughout the 1940's everything seemed to be going real well for the group. Once the 1950's came around, the group slowly started falling apart starting with the leaving of The Comedian. After, The Dollar Bill was gunned down and the Silhouette was tracked down and killed with her lover by one of her enemies. Toward the end of the 1950's the "villians" that the Minutemen were fighting became regular criminals and the Minutemen themselves started to become more of a joke. Shortly after, Night Owl retired to go do what he enjoyed most, fixing cars. After that, a young man wrote Night Owl asking if he could borrow his name since he retired and thats when Night Owl realized that superheroes had become American life.
I thought this story was an actual true story. However, toward the end of the reading I got a little confused when Dr. Manhattan came into the picture. Then I wasn't sure if the writer was talking about something he actually saw, or read about or that it wasn't even real at all. Either way this seems very similar to a movie I've seen. And no its not Watchmen! Anyways, the reading showed me what it would actually be like dressing up as a hero and trying to fight crime. Somethings are not as easy as they seem but they are definitely not out of grasp. The heroes that all of us love may fade and be forgotten, but they seem to never die.


  1. Good summary, I noticed you discussed all the Minutemen hero's rather than just the Night Owl himself. I totally agree with your opinions on how it sounds like an actual true story and how hero's never die.

  2. Agreed, Tiara, this is a good post. Just watch the mechanical stuff, Jakob.