19 April 2011

I Hate Spiders!... But Love Spiderman!

The movie Spiderman, is about a teenage boy named Peter Parker that is nerdy and does not have very man friends. He has a crush on this girl named Mary Jane. He lives with his aunt and uncle. One day while visiting a laboratory where spiders are being experimented on, Peter gets bitten by one spider. When he returns home he begins to feel sick. The next morning Peter notices some changes in his body. He obtained some very incredible powers from the spider that bit him. Peter Park goes on and becomes a superhero that calls himself Spiderman.
One day Peter Parkers uncle is murdered, and Peter had the chance to stop the guy that murdered his uncle. Once Peter Parker found out who the guy that shot his uncle was, he proceeded to chance the guy with his new spider senses. He was able to find the guy. And he beats him up. Peter Parker becomes the town hero and is always saving the day. Peter Parker ends up fighting the Green Goblin. One day the Green Goblin proposes to Spiderman that they should get together become unstoppable. Spiderman rejects his offer and makes the Green Goblin upset. After that the Green Goblin tries to get rid of Spiderman, by harming the ones that he loves most. First the Green Goblin tries to kill Peters aunt, then he tries to kill the girl that Peter has loved for like ever, Mary Jane. In the end Spiderman ends up saving the girl he loves as well as defeating the Green Goblin
I really enjoyed this movie. I had not seen it in a while, but I did watch the second one about a couple weeks ago. These movies are kind of cheesy, and very dramatic. But anyway, I like all of the Spiderman movies, they are very enjoyable.

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