11 April 2011

I need your sympathy...

....BECAUSE THIS BLOG ISN'T GOING TO BE A WALK. Under the Hood is an autobiography by Hollis Mason. His autobiography consists of five chapters that explains the super-hero the Nite Owl. The first chapter is about how Hollis Mason knows Denise, a store clerk and novelist. Denise explains to Mason that in order to receive the audiences full attention he first must receive sympathy from them. Hollis Mason goes on to tell us the saddest story he knows about a man named Moe Vernon, his artificial boob and his cheating wife. Now that he had the audiences attention he was able to start his autobiography. Throughout the second chapter Hollis Mason tells how he became the Nite Owl and why he did it. He explains how he was worked for the New York City Police when he had the idea to become the Nite Owl. He said he liked the idea of super-hero's because "I like the idea of adventure, and I feel bad unless I'm doing good". In a sense Hollis Mason liked that super-hero's had great morals, so he wanted to be one. He also explains that it would be great to be a super-hero because they get all the girls, fantasies become real and he would be a hero to his community. In the third chapter he creates his super-hero character. He fantasized on becoming a costumed adventurer. He wanted his name to be full of drama and excitement like the "Hooded Justice". While working out and training to become a super-hero he receives the name "Nite Owl" by one of his coworkers. That is how he decided what his super-hero name will be. Soon after he became the Nite Owl many other super-hero's presented themselves. He then explains what other people thought of these new super-heroes. The forth chapter explains how the Minutemen first got together. Captain Metrropolis wrote Sally Jupiter about forming a group of masked adventurers. Then one by one the eight of them came together to form a group. In the final chapter of his autobiography he explains the problems the group had. Sally had a husband, child then divorce. The Comedian chose the political rout. Eventually the whole group had to testify before "House of UnAmerican Activities Committee" where they were forced to show their identities. This is when the Hooded Justice had chosen to retire instead of showing his real identity. Everyone chose a different life after being a super-hero. Hollis Mason chose to turn back to cars. To me this blog was difficult to write. But I actually for once enjoyed reading about super-heroes. This reading made me want to watch the movie Watchmen.


  1. One thing I learned from your blog is that the story was an autobiography. I thought so until the last chapter of the story. To me, the reading wasn't that great but I thought it was better than other ones.

  2. What's with the giant wall of text? Where are your paragraph breaks?!

    And where are your thoughts on the reading? Your summary should address the key points that relate to your own idea, but you have no idea! So your summary's a little list-y :-/