18 April 2011

Mouse Story!

Chapter 5 of Maus is about a young mouse named Artie learning stories about his father being a Jew in the 1940's and the troubles he had to go through to stay alive. While Artie was visiting his father Vladek, he learns that his father read a comic he wrote about his dead mother. In his comic he shows that he blames himself for his mother's death. His now distressed father decides that they should go on a walk to the bank. On the way to the bank, Vladek begins to tell Artie stories about the times he spent hiding from the Nazi's with Artie's mother Anja and her family. He explains to Artie that they had to hide in small bunkers where they lived until the Nazi's found them. After they were discovered by the Nazi's they were taken to a camp where Anja's family was immediately killed. In response to that they hide in another bunker to stay free from the Nazi's. After everyone leaves the town they were in they got to be free. When they arrive to the bank, Vladek shows his son important belongings for Artie to have once he is dead. The comic ends with Vladek crying for his once wife Anja to be there with him.

I really enjoyed reading this comic. Believe it or not I actually think comics are beginning to grow on me. I really liked this because it was not about super hero's but it still had good moral content. I really liked how the comic was realistic and on a true event in history.


  1. OMG Bre are you feeling ok!? Haha jkjk
    Yeah i agree this was a good comic. I enjoyed it as well. I liked your summary it was short and to the point. You covered all the details. Good blog! :)

  2. Wow, Bre, this might be your best post--and I'm not just saying that because you finally admitted to liking a comic ;-)

    Well done!