18 April 2011

A Mouse's Tragic Struggle

Mouse Holes is about a young mouse reconnecting with his father over old stories pertaining to Nazi's and what it was like to be a Jew during the 1940s. Vladek is a remarried out of work Jewish handyman. One day while visiting, Artie discovers that his father has read one of his comics about his deceased mother. In the comic, it portrays his father completely falling apart over his wife's suicide and it portrays Artie blaming himself for her death. Vladek admits to have been extremely sadden and brought to tears after reading about Anja. Both father and son take a walk to the bank, all the while Vladek is vividly discussing his time in many German camps with Anja. It all begin in Strodula where the Jews were forced to live, Vladek, Anja, their first son, and Anja's family lived in a small cottage. One day, they sent their son Richieu and Anja's little sisters to a safer place protected under the Jewish Council. It was not until later they discovered Richieu and the other children were given poison rather than face death by the Germans. To stay safe from being recruited to a camp, they all hid in a bunker until a Jewish man informed the Germans of their location. They were all sent to a camp and there Anja also lost her parents to the gas chamber. Anja felt hopeless of the lost of her loved ones, but Vladek kept her on her feet. Vladek took his wife to live in another village for a while before Jews were rounded up again. So, they retreated to hiding in a bunker once more where they endured intense hunger. When everything seemed to clear, Vladek and Anja roamed around with no where to go or no one to turn too. Now, father and son have reached the bank. Vladek wants Artie to have a key to his saving just in case something happens and to keep his money from his present wife. In the end, Vladek shreds tears and cries out for his beloved first wife Anja, wishing she was still alive to continue this struggle with him.

Wow. I very much enjoyed this reading. It was heart breaking to read about individuals who constantly struggle to live and suffer unbearable lost. The fact that mice were used to portray people made the story more sympathetic because they appear so small and helpless. Even though Anja is gone, the memories of her still bring Vladek and Artie closer.


  1. This was a great summary! I liked how you included lots of details. I really enjoyed the reading as well! I agree with you that it was heart breaking.

  2. I like your opinion of how mice were used to represent the Jews because they were helpless in this situation. The only thing I think you should have added to your summary is in the beginning when Vladek makes the comment to his son, "If you lock them together in a room with no food for a week... then you could see what it is, friends"(6)! I think sort of forshadows the story he tells of the Holocaust. Other than that, I really enjoyed reading your blog!

  3. Good comments, guys--I agree.

    Great post, Tiara! Just watch that spelling :-)