19 April 2011

A Mouse's Tragic Tale

Chapter five of Maus, entitled Mouse Holes, is about a mouse named Artie. At the start of the chapter, Artie gets a phone call from his father very early in the morning. His father, Vladek, wants him to go over to the house to help him fix the roof. He declines this idea and tells him he should just get the help from the neighbor. Artie goes over to his father’s house a week later and see’s Vladek in the garage rearranging things and he notices his father seems a little upset. So Artie goes into the house and has a conversation with Vladek’s current wife, Mala. He asks her why he may be upset, and she said it wasn’t due to his inability to help his father. He was upset because he had read a comic that Artie had written many years before. The comic was about his mother’s suicide and how he dealt with it after.
            So Artie and his father take a walk down to the bank. As they’re walking, Vladek is telling his son the about his tragic past in Europe in 1943. He tells him of how he had to always be cautious as they were hiding from the Germans. Vladek and Artie’s mother, Anja, stayed together as they went from their home, to the ghetto, to small bunkers, to a camp run by the Nazis. They were eventually able to make it from the camp to another bunker, where they were able to be free once everyone had left the town.
            I enjoyed this comic as it gave a different change of pace. It wasn’t about a superhero like most comics do. I think comics like these will allow people to broaden their horizons with graphic novels.

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  1. Great summary, Pierce!

    But you should reread your response. It's a little muddled :-/