19 April 2011

My spidey sences are tingling!

Peter Parker is just your average nerd who's interests involve science, studying and fantasizing about his neighbor, Mary Jane. One day while on a field trip with his school at a spider museum Peter attempts to flirt with Mary Jane but fails miserably. While taking her picture a lose spider bites Peter Parker and despite the discomfort he tells no one. Within the next few days Peter Parker begins to notice changes about himself. He now can see without his glasses, becomes stronger but most importantly he now can shoot webs out of his wrist and climb up walls. At first it is a struggle for him to control his new powers and to create a new image for himself but then he transforms himself into the super hero Spider Man. Spider Man becomes the town hero by fighting crimes and saving lives until a super villain the green goblin comes into the picture. The green goblin comes into the city attempting to the kill the innocent including Peter Parker's family and his love Mary Jane. He saves their lives multiple times winning the hearts of the city and Mary Jane. In the final battle between the hero and the villain, Green Goblin attempts to kill Spider Man but ends up killing himself instead. While at his funeral Mary Jane confesses her love for Peter Parker then realizes he is Super Man when she kisses him.

I really enjoyed watching this movie. I like how Peter Parker is young when he discovers his powers because the viewers don't know if he is going to do good or bad with them. I also like the love story between Peter Parker and Mary Jane. I just wish the actors did a better job in the movie and didn't "over act" every scene.

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  1. But the over-acting is what makes it SO awesomely cheesey, haha!

    Good post :-)