19 April 2011

Peter Parker vs. Spiderman

The 2002 movie Spiderman is about the life of a teenager named Peter Parker who goes from being a less than ordinary teen, to an extraordinary superhero. Since Parker has just graduated from high school and is still young, he has a hard time contemplating what to do with his new found "superpowers." He is stuck between using them to bedazzle his dream girl, Mary Jane Watson, or to protect his city and community from crime and the treacherous villain named the "Green Goblin." As the movie plays out, Peter Parker begins to understand that "with great power, comes great responsibility", as Parker's grandfather once told him before he was shot to death by a burglar.

Peter Parker first obtained his "spider" powers in high school when he visited a laboratory where spiders were being tested on. A new species of spider was loose in the lab and bit Parker on the hand. Parker went home not feeling well, but after a long nap, he woke up to his new muscular body, and perfect vision. After experimenting with his new body, he then finds out he has a new "spider sense", can climb walls, and that he can now shoot out web from his wrist. All of this is very new and amazing to Peter Parker.

In no time, Parker is out fighting crime under the secret superhero name "Spiderman." While this is going on, an evil is stirring inside Oscorp Industries founder, Norman Osborn. Dr. Obsborn is tired of waiting for his new performance-enhancing chemical to be approved, so to prove that it is safe to use, he decides to use it on himself. The test goes extremely wrong, and Dr. Osborn turns into a super villain with extreme strength and power. With anger and hatred towards Oscorp staff and military leaders, Dr. Osborn is ready to fight under the name, "Green Goblin."

The Green Goblin then decides to kill and destroy all those who betrayed him in his business activity. The only person he sees that is standing in his way is Spiderman. The Green Goblin offers a proposal to Spiderman to join him in his activity, but when Spiderman neglects his offer, things get messy. Green Goblin makes Spiderman his main target, while putting civilian lives in danger. This goes on until the Green Goblin makes Spiderman choose, either to save a tramway full of children, or to save his beloved Mary Jane. As things turn out, Spiderman is able to save both, but does not escape the wrath of the Green Goblin.

The conclusion of the battle ends with Spiderman dodging the Green Goblin's glider, which stabs and kills the Green Goblin. After the battle, Spiderman takes Dr. Osborn's dead body back to the Osborn's house, where Dr. Osborn's son, Harry, sees Spiderman. Before Harry can reach for his gun, Spiderman flees. This leads to Dr. Osborn's funeral. Here, Harry promises to revenge his father's death. Peter Parker knows that this is not over, especially since Harry will take his fathers footsteps.

I enjoyed watching this movie. I have only seen this movie once, but the second time around I thought was better. I caught some parts I missed before, and understood more after the class discussion we had. I did not know that the Twin Towers were taken out of the setting because of 9/11. This was interesting to me. All of this new information presented made the movie more meaningful to me. Before, I just watched the movie with no background information on how this movie was made.


  1. Very good blog! I liked how you included many details I just over looked and I now see the importance of including them.

  2. Good job, very descriptive summary of the film. If I had not watched the movie, this would be a good summary to read. I agree that after all the class discussions Spider-Man is way more meaningful to me and the film is more interesting.

  3. I'm pretty sure this is one of the best blogs ever. Great summary man, I can't believe you've only seen it twice.

  4. Agread, this is a good post, even if you're still over-summarizing, just a little ;-)