19 April 2011

The Sad Tale of a Mouse

In this chapter of Maus, tells the story of a mouse Artie. He is an artist. And when he was younger he made a comic about his mothers death. In this comic he took the blame for the death. The comic that he wrote was very personal, he did not ever expect for his father to read it. One day his father found this comic. And it made him began to think about the death of his wife. After talking about his discovery of the comic to his son Vladek asks for his son to join him for a walk to the bank. On the way to the bank he tells him stories of being a Jew in the 1940's. He tells him about all the time that he spent with his mother Anja. Vladek tells Artie about how his mother's family was killed. When they finally arrive to the bank Vladek shows Artie some valuable pieces that belonged to Anja. He wants for Artie to have these items when he passes. After Vladek shows Artie these he begins to cry. He wishes to be back with his beloved wife Anja.

I really enjoyed this piece. It was kind of nice to be away from the classic superhero comic. This was a change just because it wasn't a happy story or about someone saving the day. This comic was different just because the art work in it seemed very different. You could tell that it was a lot older. As well as the writing. But overall i enjoyed this reading.


  1. Good summary, I also agree with you about it being easy to tell that its an old piece. Reading Vladek's accent took some getting used to.

  2. Agreed, this is a good post. Just watch the spelling ;-)