11 April 2011

The Beginning of The Superhero Fad!

Watchman a book containing excerpts from Hollis Morison's autobiography. These excerpts tell the story of how during Mason's time in New York superhero's were the in thing. Mason is also know as the 'Nite Owl'. Mason writes about all his time in New York. Before Mason starts writing about his life he tells the story of how he got started. He asked a writer he knew about how to go about writing a book. She first tells him to start off with a sad story. This was to get the sympathy of the reader. He later goes on to tell a sad story about Moe Vernon, the guy that employed her father.
After the sad introduction Morison talks about his time as a police officer. For Morison it all began in 1938 when the first issue of Action Comics came out. He goes on to talk about how he was too old to read them. But he was really interested in them. This first issue brought back memories from his teen years when he would dream about being a superhero. They gave him the idea to actually become one. Morison goes on to talk about how he trained to become a superhero. He would train in the police gym. He first became the "Nite Owl" in 1939. After the Nite Owl many other superhero's began to appear. In the few chapters Morison talks about the success and failure of all the superhero's that were around. They went from preventing crime to not doing anything. Some turned to crime.

This has been the toughest piece to blog about. I have no idea why, but it was. I like the movie watchman and I liked this reading. I thought it was interesting. It showed how big superhero's became after the first Action Comics. It gave people the idea to actually become superhero's or "masked adventurers". This book goes into some detail while describing these superhero's. This blog is not very good. Just saying!


  1. I agree with you that this reading was the taughest piece to write about. I had no clue what to write! But, I liked your blog. I just think that you could of added more detail about the end of his autobiography.

  2. Good blog but you should have written a little more in the summary.

  3. I agree with you that the blog is not very good :-P

    For starters, your summary is all over the place! And you have tons of mechanical problems! It looks like you didn't ever reread this :-/