19 April 2011

We'll Meet Again, Spider-Man!

Spider-Man is a timeless heroic tale of a normal teenage nerdy boy named Peter Parker who is passionately in love with his neighbor Mary Jane Watson. One day, while on a class trip to a science lab Peter is bitten by a radioactive spider. Overnight, he acquires super clear vision, big muscles, the ability to crawl on walls, and shoot webs from his wrists. At first, Peter wished to use his skills to impress Mary Jane. But this led up to the death of his uncle who was shot by a thief. This tragic incident deeply influenced Peter to decide that he will use his gift to help the citizens of New York. The crime saving hero Spider-Man is enjoying his experience in saving others all while receiving admiration from the public. Then, a villain is created. Norman Osborn is a millionaire scientists who is also the father of Peter's best friend. He undergoes an experiment that brings out an insane ego known as the Green Goblin. The Goblin creates dangerous mischief and Spider-Man cleans it up. They begin a battle of good and evil. The Goblin discovers the true identity of Spider-Man and begins to harm Mary Jane and his aunt May. Eventually, Spider-Man's and the Goblin's battle leads to the death of the villain. Spider-Man continues to be the superhero because, “With great power comes great responsibility”.

Re-watching Spider-Man opened my eyes to realize how awesome he is. He was not one of my favorite hero's, but the fact that Peter Parker is only a teenager makes him appear like a person who anyone can relate too. With his goofy and kind personality while masked and unmasked, we feel comfortable to like him. Spider-Man is an important superhero to society because Peter is just a normal guy in heart. He did what a typical teenager would do, use his gift to impress a girl, but he choose to use his gift as good, not evil. He is not this perfect man who acts arrogant with the strength he obtains, he is someone who makes mistakes and always tries to correct them. We admire Spider-Man for his unwillingness to give up and his undying attempt to be the hero. We are all kind of like Peter Parker, just dorks who continue to chase dreams and try our best to be the perfect persona of good.

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