27 January 2011

Welcome to Our Class Blog!

Welcome to NMHU's Rhetoric of Comics class blog!

If you're a new student, this is where you'll be posting your thoughts on the various subjects we'll be studying this summer. Since your classmates will be doing the same, it will also be where you'll learn and exchange new ideas outside of the classroom. I'll also be posting from time to time with helpful links, important notices, and anything interesting I might find (click the link to see the kinds of stuff I've posted for past classes). On the right, I've already begun collecting links to other interesting bloggers, whose ideas might inspire or guide you in your ongoing research for this class. You'll also periodically find a poll, which I'll use to get your anonymous feedback on the course.

Even if you're just visiting our site, feel free to read and comment on our posts. Students have been asked to summarize the most important points of a reading and then "free think" about the piece. I'll also be taking the best written/well thought out post of each week and re-posting it on my own blog, The Daily Pugle. And your feedback will be very helpful.

You'll also find the "Labels" I use to organize the subject of our posts on the right. Simply click one you might be interested in, and every post on the subject will appear for your review. In any event, I hope you will find our class blog interesting and useful.

And now, a funny comic about blogging from XKCD. For bonus points, would David Kunzle classify this a comic? Scott McCloud?

Questions? Quibbles? Controversies?