20 April 2011

The Amazing Spider-man

In the 2002, American classic Spider-man, a young man named Peter Parker, who’s just a normal, nerdy teenage boy, lives in New York, next to his longtime neighbor, and crush, Mary Jane Watson. On a school field trip, when Peter is taking pictures of his heartthrob a genetically altered spider bites him on the hand. Later he returns home and rushes to his room as he passes out on the floor. Meanwhile Norman Osborne, the father of Peter’s best friend Harry, volunteers himself for his company’s science experiment, when it goes wrong and he kills his assistant. The next morning, Peter wakes up and he notices he is different. He no longer needs his glasses to see and he goes from skinny to a very athletic build. Later that day at school, Peter gets in a fight with Flash Thompson. During, he notices that he has a “spidey-sense”, he’s super strong, and can shoot webs from his wrists. After the fight, he runs out of the school, and in an empty alley-way, he notices that he can also climb walls. He signs up for a wrestling contest in an attempt to win money and buy a car to impress Mary Jane. He does so, except the person in charge didn’t pay him all his money. So when that same guy is being robbed, Peter lets him get away. Though the robber steals Peter’s uncle’s car, and kills his uncle, Ben Parker. Peter comes to realize that with the powers he has, he has a responsibility to help the people of New York. Norman Osborne becomes the Green Goblin, Peter Parker/Spider-man’s first major enemy. After battle, after battle between the two, the Norman Osborne/Green Goblin dies on an attempt to kill Spider-man. Peter then realizes that he cannot juggle a relationship and being Spider-man, and he chooses the responsibility of having power.
This movie is a really good one, as it portrays the origin of one of my favorite superheroes. This movie started the popularity of superheroes in Hollywood. Also the 9/11 tragedy helped this spark as people can find hope through these themes of someone saving the day.

19 April 2011

We'll Meet Again, Spider-Man!

Spider-Man is a timeless heroic tale of a normal teenage nerdy boy named Peter Parker who is passionately in love with his neighbor Mary Jane Watson. One day, while on a class trip to a science lab Peter is bitten by a radioactive spider. Overnight, he acquires super clear vision, big muscles, the ability to crawl on walls, and shoot webs from his wrists. At first, Peter wished to use his skills to impress Mary Jane. But this led up to the death of his uncle who was shot by a thief. This tragic incident deeply influenced Peter to decide that he will use his gift to help the citizens of New York. The crime saving hero Spider-Man is enjoying his experience in saving others all while receiving admiration from the public. Then, a villain is created. Norman Osborn is a millionaire scientists who is also the father of Peter's best friend. He undergoes an experiment that brings out an insane ego known as the Green Goblin. The Goblin creates dangerous mischief and Spider-Man cleans it up. They begin a battle of good and evil. The Goblin discovers the true identity of Spider-Man and begins to harm Mary Jane and his aunt May. Eventually, Spider-Man's and the Goblin's battle leads to the death of the villain. Spider-Man continues to be the superhero because, “With great power comes great responsibility”.

Re-watching Spider-Man opened my eyes to realize how awesome he is. He was not one of my favorite hero's, but the fact that Peter Parker is only a teenager makes him appear like a person who anyone can relate too. With his goofy and kind personality while masked and unmasked, we feel comfortable to like him. Spider-Man is an important superhero to society because Peter is just a normal guy in heart. He did what a typical teenager would do, use his gift to impress a girl, but he choose to use his gift as good, not evil. He is not this perfect man who acts arrogant with the strength he obtains, he is someone who makes mistakes and always tries to correct them. We admire Spider-Man for his unwillingness to give up and his undying attempt to be the hero. We are all kind of like Peter Parker, just dorks who continue to chase dreams and try our best to be the perfect persona of good.

I Hate Spiders!... But Love Spiderman!

The movie Spiderman, is about a teenage boy named Peter Parker that is nerdy and does not have very man friends. He has a crush on this girl named Mary Jane. He lives with his aunt and uncle. One day while visiting a laboratory where spiders are being experimented on, Peter gets bitten by one spider. When he returns home he begins to feel sick. The next morning Peter notices some changes in his body. He obtained some very incredible powers from the spider that bit him. Peter Park goes on and becomes a superhero that calls himself Spiderman.
One day Peter Parkers uncle is murdered, and Peter had the chance to stop the guy that murdered his uncle. Once Peter Parker found out who the guy that shot his uncle was, he proceeded to chance the guy with his new spider senses. He was able to find the guy. And he beats him up. Peter Parker becomes the town hero and is always saving the day. Peter Parker ends up fighting the Green Goblin. One day the Green Goblin proposes to Spiderman that they should get together become unstoppable. Spiderman rejects his offer and makes the Green Goblin upset. After that the Green Goblin tries to get rid of Spiderman, by harming the ones that he loves most. First the Green Goblin tries to kill Peters aunt, then he tries to kill the girl that Peter has loved for like ever, Mary Jane. In the end Spiderman ends up saving the girl he loves as well as defeating the Green Goblin
I really enjoyed this movie. I had not seen it in a while, but I did watch the second one about a couple weeks ago. These movies are kind of cheesy, and very dramatic. But anyway, I like all of the Spiderman movies, they are very enjoyable.

My spidey sences are tingling!

Peter Parker is just your average nerd who's interests involve science, studying and fantasizing about his neighbor, Mary Jane. One day while on a field trip with his school at a spider museum Peter attempts to flirt with Mary Jane but fails miserably. While taking her picture a lose spider bites Peter Parker and despite the discomfort he tells no one. Within the next few days Peter Parker begins to notice changes about himself. He now can see without his glasses, becomes stronger but most importantly he now can shoot webs out of his wrist and climb up walls. At first it is a struggle for him to control his new powers and to create a new image for himself but then he transforms himself into the super hero Spider Man. Spider Man becomes the town hero by fighting crimes and saving lives until a super villain the green goblin comes into the picture. The green goblin comes into the city attempting to the kill the innocent including Peter Parker's family and his love Mary Jane. He saves their lives multiple times winning the hearts of the city and Mary Jane. In the final battle between the hero and the villain, Green Goblin attempts to kill Spider Man but ends up killing himself instead. While at his funeral Mary Jane confesses her love for Peter Parker then realizes he is Super Man when she kisses him.

I really enjoyed watching this movie. I like how Peter Parker is young when he discovers his powers because the viewers don't know if he is going to do good or bad with them. I also like the love story between Peter Parker and Mary Jane. I just wish the actors did a better job in the movie and didn't "over act" every scene.

Peter Parker vs. Spiderman

The 2002 movie Spiderman is about the life of a teenager named Peter Parker who goes from being a less than ordinary teen, to an extraordinary superhero. Since Parker has just graduated from high school and is still young, he has a hard time contemplating what to do with his new found "superpowers." He is stuck between using them to bedazzle his dream girl, Mary Jane Watson, or to protect his city and community from crime and the treacherous villain named the "Green Goblin." As the movie plays out, Peter Parker begins to understand that "with great power, comes great responsibility", as Parker's grandfather once told him before he was shot to death by a burglar.

Peter Parker first obtained his "spider" powers in high school when he visited a laboratory where spiders were being tested on. A new species of spider was loose in the lab and bit Parker on the hand. Parker went home not feeling well, but after a long nap, he woke up to his new muscular body, and perfect vision. After experimenting with his new body, he then finds out he has a new "spider sense", can climb walls, and that he can now shoot out web from his wrist. All of this is very new and amazing to Peter Parker.

In no time, Parker is out fighting crime under the secret superhero name "Spiderman." While this is going on, an evil is stirring inside Oscorp Industries founder, Norman Osborn. Dr. Obsborn is tired of waiting for his new performance-enhancing chemical to be approved, so to prove that it is safe to use, he decides to use it on himself. The test goes extremely wrong, and Dr. Osborn turns into a super villain with extreme strength and power. With anger and hatred towards Oscorp staff and military leaders, Dr. Osborn is ready to fight under the name, "Green Goblin."

The Green Goblin then decides to kill and destroy all those who betrayed him in his business activity. The only person he sees that is standing in his way is Spiderman. The Green Goblin offers a proposal to Spiderman to join him in his activity, but when Spiderman neglects his offer, things get messy. Green Goblin makes Spiderman his main target, while putting civilian lives in danger. This goes on until the Green Goblin makes Spiderman choose, either to save a tramway full of children, or to save his beloved Mary Jane. As things turn out, Spiderman is able to save both, but does not escape the wrath of the Green Goblin.

The conclusion of the battle ends with Spiderman dodging the Green Goblin's glider, which stabs and kills the Green Goblin. After the battle, Spiderman takes Dr. Osborn's dead body back to the Osborn's house, where Dr. Osborn's son, Harry, sees Spiderman. Before Harry can reach for his gun, Spiderman flees. This leads to Dr. Osborn's funeral. Here, Harry promises to revenge his father's death. Peter Parker knows that this is not over, especially since Harry will take his fathers footsteps.

I enjoyed watching this movie. I have only seen this movie once, but the second time around I thought was better. I caught some parts I missed before, and understood more after the class discussion we had. I did not know that the Twin Towers were taken out of the setting because of 9/11. This was interesting to me. All of this new information presented made the movie more meaningful to me. Before, I just watched the movie with no background information on how this movie was made.

A Mouse's Tragic Tale

Chapter five of Maus, entitled Mouse Holes, is about a mouse named Artie. At the start of the chapter, Artie gets a phone call from his father very early in the morning. His father, Vladek, wants him to go over to the house to help him fix the roof. He declines this idea and tells him he should just get the help from the neighbor. Artie goes over to his father’s house a week later and see’s Vladek in the garage rearranging things and he notices his father seems a little upset. So Artie goes into the house and has a conversation with Vladek’s current wife, Mala. He asks her why he may be upset, and she said it wasn’t due to his inability to help his father. He was upset because he had read a comic that Artie had written many years before. The comic was about his mother’s suicide and how he dealt with it after.
            So Artie and his father take a walk down to the bank. As they’re walking, Vladek is telling his son the about his tragic past in Europe in 1943. He tells him of how he had to always be cautious as they were hiding from the Germans. Vladek and Artie’s mother, Anja, stayed together as they went from their home, to the ghetto, to small bunkers, to a camp run by the Nazis. They were eventually able to make it from the camp to another bunker, where they were able to be free once everyone had left the town.
            I enjoyed this comic as it gave a different change of pace. It wasn’t about a superhero like most comics do. I think comics like these will allow people to broaden their horizons with graphic novels.

The Sad Tale of a Mouse

In this chapter of Maus, tells the story of a mouse Artie. He is an artist. And when he was younger he made a comic about his mothers death. In this comic he took the blame for the death. The comic that he wrote was very personal, he did not ever expect for his father to read it. One day his father found this comic. And it made him began to think about the death of his wife. After talking about his discovery of the comic to his son Vladek asks for his son to join him for a walk to the bank. On the way to the bank he tells him stories of being a Jew in the 1940's. He tells him about all the time that he spent with his mother Anja. Vladek tells Artie about how his mother's family was killed. When they finally arrive to the bank Vladek shows Artie some valuable pieces that belonged to Anja. He wants for Artie to have these items when he passes. After Vladek shows Artie these he begins to cry. He wishes to be back with his beloved wife Anja.

I really enjoyed this piece. It was kind of nice to be away from the classic superhero comic. This was a change just because it wasn't a happy story or about someone saving the day. This comic was different just because the art work in it seemed very different. You could tell that it was a lot older. As well as the writing. But overall i enjoyed this reading.

18 April 2011

Mouse Story!

Chapter 5 of Maus is about a young mouse named Artie learning stories about his father being a Jew in the 1940's and the troubles he had to go through to stay alive. While Artie was visiting his father Vladek, he learns that his father read a comic he wrote about his dead mother. In his comic he shows that he blames himself for his mother's death. His now distressed father decides that they should go on a walk to the bank. On the way to the bank, Vladek begins to tell Artie stories about the times he spent hiding from the Nazi's with Artie's mother Anja and her family. He explains to Artie that they had to hide in small bunkers where they lived until the Nazi's found them. After they were discovered by the Nazi's they were taken to a camp where Anja's family was immediately killed. In response to that they hide in another bunker to stay free from the Nazi's. After everyone leaves the town they were in they got to be free. When they arrive to the bank, Vladek shows his son important belongings for Artie to have once he is dead. The comic ends with Vladek crying for his once wife Anja to be there with him.

I really enjoyed reading this comic. Believe it or not I actually think comics are beginning to grow on me. I really liked this because it was not about super hero's but it still had good moral content. I really liked how the comic was realistic and on a true event in history.

A Mouse's Tragic Struggle

Mouse Holes is about a young mouse reconnecting with his father over old stories pertaining to Nazi's and what it was like to be a Jew during the 1940s. Vladek is a remarried out of work Jewish handyman. One day while visiting, Artie discovers that his father has read one of his comics about his deceased mother. In the comic, it portrays his father completely falling apart over his wife's suicide and it portrays Artie blaming himself for her death. Vladek admits to have been extremely sadden and brought to tears after reading about Anja. Both father and son take a walk to the bank, all the while Vladek is vividly discussing his time in many German camps with Anja. It all begin in Strodula where the Jews were forced to live, Vladek, Anja, their first son, and Anja's family lived in a small cottage. One day, they sent their son Richieu and Anja's little sisters to a safer place protected under the Jewish Council. It was not until later they discovered Richieu and the other children were given poison rather than face death by the Germans. To stay safe from being recruited to a camp, they all hid in a bunker until a Jewish man informed the Germans of their location. They were all sent to a camp and there Anja also lost her parents to the gas chamber. Anja felt hopeless of the lost of her loved ones, but Vladek kept her on her feet. Vladek took his wife to live in another village for a while before Jews were rounded up again. So, they retreated to hiding in a bunker once more where they endured intense hunger. When everything seemed to clear, Vladek and Anja roamed around with no where to go or no one to turn too. Now, father and son have reached the bank. Vladek wants Artie to have a key to his saving just in case something happens and to keep his money from his present wife. In the end, Vladek shreds tears and cries out for his beloved first wife Anja, wishing she was still alive to continue this struggle with him.

Wow. I very much enjoyed this reading. It was heart breaking to read about individuals who constantly struggle to live and suffer unbearable lost. The fact that mice were used to portray people made the story more sympathetic because they appear so small and helpless. Even though Anja is gone, the memories of her still bring Vladek and Artie closer.

A Father's Story

Art Spiegleman's Maus begins by telling the story of how young Artie breaks one of his skates and his friends leave him. His father makes the comment, "If you lock them together in a room with no food for a week... then you could see what it is, friends"(6)! This comment foreshadows the story Artie's father, Vladek, tells. Artie begins to learn of his fathers past, and how he survived the Holocaust. His fathers story strengthens their relationship.

Chapter five takes off years later, with an older Artie who gets a call from his step mom, Mala, complaining about Vladek being on the roof of their house trying to fix a leak. At first, Artie refuses to help his father, but after hanging up the phone, he decides to go see his father. When Artie arrives, his father is upset about Artie not wanting to help him. While Artie and Mala discuss Vladek's behavior and how he read Artie's comic titled, "Prisoner of the Hell Planet" , Vladek wants Artie to take a walk with him to the bank. Artie agrees to go and Vladek begins to tell Artie of his Holocaust story.

Vladek begins by telling his son of how in 1943, all Jews had to go live in ghettos. Vladek worked in a woodwork shop while his wife, Anja, worked in a clothing factory. Guards would walk them to work, and walk them back everyday. Since times were dangerous in these ghettos, Vladek started talking to a man named Haskell. Vladek talked to him about moving to Zawiercic because he had some influence with the Germans there. This would be safer for the kids as well. Vladek told his son of how he survived the Holocaust by hiding in bunkers.

When Artie and his father arrived at the bank, Vladek gave him a key to his safe box. Vladek wanted to make sure Artie had a key so his second wife, Mala, would not take all his money. Mala was just after Vladek's money. After one of his heart attacks, Mala would ask Vladek about his money and how she wanted it. Vladek wanted to make sure his son got to his belongings first. In the safe were many valuables that Vladek had managed to save during the Holocaust.

Chapter five was very interesting and full of a lot of detail. It was kind of hard to remember all the names of the people Vladek talks about. Also, some of the sentences in this reading are hard to read. The German words also make it difficult to understand as well. This chapter was interesting though. Vladek's was interesting and showed me what difficulties Jew faced at this time in history.