30 January 2012

Chapter 3 "Blood in the Gutter" Understanding Comics

The importantance of chapter Three in Scott Mccloud Book "Understanding Comics, The Invisible Art" is understanding comics in the sixth catogories and diference between East and West Comics translations. The sixth main catogories are ; Moment to Moment, Action to Action, Subject to Subject, Scene to Scene, Aspect to Aspect and Non Sequitur.In the history of comics books all of these are catogories are use in variations of each other limitations. The main caution here is would be that Scott Mccloud Theories on to use these Catogories in prospective and especially style how to use each catogories compliments the story. The main issue that I as a reader had is that say about this issue on the different styles on East ( Japan Comics) and West ( United States of America Comics) are significantly different styles and Ideogologies on how comic are suppose to be precieved. I think there an obvicious different between them (East versus West) but also their very similar to each other in written and illustrated. In contrast i think scott mccloud points out the main differants between the comics book in length and Story Outlines/closures. I like how the author mentions Jack Kirby as the biggiest contributor in the western influenes and in the eastern side Tezuka influence on comic anthologies.

In conclusion, i think Scott Mccloud has many importanty views on chapter three and how his argruments view in his answer towards the end of the chapter. I quote on the importance of his views between east and west comics, "Traditional western art and literature dont wander much on the whole. We're a pretty  Goal Oriented culture." Scott Mccloud Views on the east, " But, in the East. There's a rich traditions of cyclical and labyrinthine works of art." In the end I as reader agree on the author on the different authors view on catogories but I strongly disagree with him on the difference between East and West comics. I argument against Scott mccloud reasons on the subject of east versus west comics are different is the chronicals comics anthologies and description of catogories. The best example where there similar is the "The Dark Knight Series" which is an anthologies on Batman and how he came to be this iconic heroe.

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  1. Interesting post, Jake. I really like that you put your main points/ideas in bold--though the italics is overkill, and grammatically incorrect ;-)

    My main issue here is your need to proofread. You've got some great ideas, but they get muddied up when your wording isn't clear. Also, keep yourself out of the summary!