29 January 2012

Chapter Four

In chapter four of Understanding Comics Scott McCloud talks about time frames in comics. Scott McCloud talks about the majority of people thinking that a single snapshot  is just a single moment in time but that is not always true in comics. But in comics when there are severial pannels that are side by side they are not just a single moment in time but are acutally severial seconds. So the space is acutally representing time. Also relying on the pictures to help tell the time sequence is how time can also be told, and the pictures can also set the mood for the scene in the comic. Also in some comics they have additional effects to help the reader get more involved and understand the actions taking place.

I feel like this chapter explanted a lot about how the panels can be read from any direction and make any story diffrent which makes comics that much more intresting. Also i found it very intresting that the time seguence is told thur the panels.

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  1. Aside from not really sharing much of your thoughts, Kayla, this is a little short. You also need to more carefully proofread (watch the "i"s and "thru"s!).