31 January 2012

Fill in The Space Ch.3

Invisible art  has finally opened up into a bigger picture in chapter there of Understanding comics by Scott McCloud. McCloud started off by explaining the importance of closure. Closure  By saying when we as people are given blank space we tend to fill it in with what would assume goes there. Just because we don't see it doesn't mean it isn't there in our mind. Comics is simply using the imagination and using all of our senses.  Just because we cant see it, hear it, touch it, or smell it doesn't mean it is not there. Faith is the main meaning of having that closure for example like the game "Peek-A-Boo".
McCloud also made other great points by explaining the panels of comics. By labeling them off into categories the first one  is moment-to-moment which not much happens from one scene to the next. The second category is action-to-action which one subject taking and doing a lot of different kinds of actions. Next is subject- to-subject is staying with one main idea and having meaningful transitions.  Last but not least scene-to-scene which is transitions to another area from a greater distance from the first one.
After reading this i never realized how much meaning comics have and how involved a reader has to be to be able to expand their horizons on filling the gutters. It took me awhile to take the chapter all in so i went back and read it again to get a better understanding. McCloud is very knowledge able and every chapter I keep reading I am gaining more respect for comics.

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