30 January 2012

Ignorance is bliss

 As children we tend to have a very wide ranged vivid imaginations. We can take anything and turn it into something completely different and it makes perfect sense to us. We also have the mindset that if we don't see something happening it never occurred, I guess we're just ignorant in that way.

In Scott McCloud's third chapter of Understanding Comics the Invisible Art he demonstrate the same concept. He demonstrates that people relay on sensory details in order to experience the outside world. If we cease to see something, in our minds, it doesn't exist. "I've never been to Morocco, but I take it on faith that there is a Morocco!" Scott discusses that one's view of reality is an act of faith based upon simple pieces of the world.

In this chapter Scott also presents the idea of "closure". He defines this as the "...phenomenon of observing the parts but perceiving the whole...." Closure allows people to put the little parts of an event together to form a story. Closure can occur anywhere from comic books to movies on the big screen. For example, McCloud says “I may have drawn an axe being raised in this example, but I’m not the one who let it drop or decided how hard the blow….That, dear reader was your special crime, each of you committing it in your own style. To kill a man between panels is to condemn him to a thousand deaths.” Closure allows the readers and viewers to interpret a story in their own way. It allows them to use their imagination to fill in the blanks and come up with their own ending.    


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