26 January 2012

Push Those Boundaries!!!

According to Kunzles definition, a comic has to have a sequence of images, more image instead of text, be mass produced, and have a moral whether it be good or bad.  Scott McClouds definition states that a comic has to be pieces of art deliberately put in sequence, or side by side, in relation to space.  Since this is only one frame, not several in sequence, then according to both definitions this is not a comic.  It also violates Kunzles definition by having too much text and not enough picture.  I am starting to wonder why a comic has to have more than one image to be classified as a comic. I understand that this part of the definition helps to slim the world of comics down, because if it wasn't there we would have to include almost every piece of art since the beginning of time.  I think that this part of both definitions makes sense, but now I,m on the fence.  Why can't these single images be comics too?  We just need to keep pushing those boundaries.  Just a little push will take me over that fence to the side where comics can be a single image if they want to be.

                         Not a Comic, but I kinda want it to be!!!


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  1. Excellent post. And I generally agree with you. We'll discuss why in more detail in class this week :-)