28 January 2012

sean sanchez ch.3 understanding comics

Sean Sanchez

Chapter 3 Summary/ opinion

English composition 2

     In Chapter 3 of Understanding Comic, Scott mcloud explains how we rely on senses to understand the world as a whole. He says “our perception of reality is an act of faith based on mere fragments”.  Scott McCloud calls this idea of observing the parts but perceiving the whole as closure.

   He uses the examples of movies and television watchers how they can turn still images into a moving sequence of events. He relates this to comics because of the gap between panels called the gutters.  Closure helps you to understand the story unfolding in the comic.

   Scott then talks about transitions.  He explains the five types are moment to moment, action to action, subject to subject, scene to scene, aspect to aspect and non-sequitur. He compares other comics to see what transitions are most used.  He finds that action to action transition is the most used followed by subject to subject and scene to scene in famous American comics.

   In Japanese comic though it is different subject to subject is nearly the same amount of action. Also aspect to aspect transitions appear more often than seen in the west.  He explains that this difference could be the length of Japanese comics compared to American comic but he thinks this is not the only factor. He states that the western world is a “goal oriented country and that in the east there is a rich tradition of cyclical and labyrinthine works of art.

   Scott begins to explain how to find a balance between too much and too little for a reader to understand the closure of the story and comic.  He talks a little about how to arrange theses panel also. In conclusion Scott asks you to have faith and a world of imagination.

   I think Scott McCloud explained closure very well and detailed. Most comic books readers do not realize they do this process every time they read a comic. An author must understand closure so he can make a successful connection with his reader.

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  1. You refer to Scott McCloud by his first name?! I didn't realize you guys were acquainted ;-)

    More importantly, your opinion is limited to agreeing with McCloud; trying expanding in the future. And you don't need to double-space your blogs; it makes them crazy long ;-)