31 January 2012

The Vocabulary Of Comics-Chapter 2

Understanding Comics, The Invisible Art, Scott McCloudThis second chapter mainly talks about the use of icons. McCloud uses icon for the main purpose of the chapter to mean any image used to represent basically a noun. Everything such as characters can be an icon. Icons can be understood by almost anyone. McCloud states that the importance of comics is made up of icons. He gives us an example of this by showing us a picture of a pipe. He states this is not a picture of a pipe, that it is a painting of a pipe, nor a painting but a drawing, but this wasn’t drawn so it is a printed, more like a painting of a pipe but it’s not a painting, rather, it’s a drawing of a painting of a pipe but it really is a printed copy of a drawing of a painting of a pipe.  His main point in was to tell us what we see is not the actual object that we see. He also used for example the world, icons of a cow, car, planet, smiley face, or food. He also talks about imagery and how it takes a big part in comics. How demonstrates we human can see ourselves in everything such as cars, or any object or cartoon, and how we apply emotions and identities. He explains how the less detail the character or the object has the easier it is to relate to it. McCloud also states how comics require balance or else the comic fails. The overall point of this chapter was to address to the audience how comics have limitless potential for anyone.  I believe chapter two does help prove his point because he gave the basic ideas and vocabulary intended.
-Julia Lucero

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