28 February 2012

Analyzing McCloud's work

Dylan Horrocks, the author of Scott McCloud's Inventing Comics, writes about of Scott McCloud’s ideas in Understanding Comics. In Dylan Horrocks analysis of Understanding comics he believes comics is polemic which creates a definition of comics by explaining about all of the concepts that make up comics. Dylan Horrocks lets us know that the perception of comics has to be changed and to change it we have to forget all we know about comics and view it as a new form of art, in other words "forget the ghetto."  When McCloud brings up sequential art, Horrocks becomes convinced that McCloud doesn't choose a definition that is right or wrong, he chooses a definition that he likes.  Because McCloud simply likes this definition, he wants to convince others that the definition is right.  Horrocks also makes the suggestion that the text in comics is swallowed up by the pictures and that the pictures take away from the story, and that is why we see comics the way they are. The definition of comics in Understanding Comics is seen with a metaphorical system that exist in most of the ideas McCloud brings about. Horrocks states the intervention of McCloud to identify how modern comics have won the battle between text and pictures and maintained the written language, but successfully replaced it with actual words with pictures. 
  By the end of Dylan Horrocks assessment of McCloud's book, he commends McCloud for his writing.  McCloud was so influential with his book Understanding Comics, that not only were his readers convinced, but Horrocks was convinced as well.  Horrocks agrees with most of McCloud's ideas and concepts, but he does bring up valid reasons that cause questions, for example the interview with McCloud about why picture books are not considered comics.I thought this story really explained McCloud's book a lot better and it was nice to have Harrocks agree and disagree with McCloud.

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  1. Your summary's a little short, and your confusing Horrocks' ideas with McCloud's. In that, you need to proofread a little more closely for clarity. Plus, your summary's just a little short; it's like you're only looking at the first couple of pages :-/