15 February 2012

Art discovery within myself

In chapter Seven of Scott McCloud’s book Understanding Comics The Invisible Art, goes straight into taking a look at art and how it relates to comics and also how it relates to everyday life as we know it.

Starting off the chapter McCloud asked, “Can comics be art?” Answering his own question with the reply of yes is what gets the chapter started. Reproduction and survival is what McCloud claims to be the human races two basic instincts. Anything that does not relate to these two instincts can be considered art according to McCloud. In doing this, he opens up a whole new world and broadens the meaning of art. Anything can be art! From playing checkers, to riding a bike, even to walking down the street singing a song you like. For example, I am an athlete and play basketball here at New Mexico Highlands. My craft and the way I play is completely different from any other basketball player in the world. It’s my own way of playing so in that case I am an artist. A little further in the chapter after McCloud’s own examples he begins to explain how we put our own element of art in everything we do, but if we do it with the purpose of surviving its not art. For example, a painter may be so passionate about what he’s doing and just wants to express himself through the painting but after he is done with it, someone may want to buy it. Considering the fact that the painter was painting for fun and not for survival (money) this is still considered art. Next, McCloud continues to explain how an artist doesn’t truly make art for the dame and fortune, but their happiness. He then purposes a six step guideline in which he believes we as people follow to create art consciously or unconsciously. Step one includes the “idea/purpose.” Step two includes “form,” step three includes “idiom,” step four is “structure,” step five is “craft,” and last but not least is “surface.” Considering I have agreed with most of McCloud’s ideas, this was not any different.

McCloud’s whole theory that we are all artists in our own unique way and we all have different ways of expressing it is an amazing way to look at art. I could not agree more with him. I truly believe that we all incorporate our own art within everything we do. For example, the way I am writing this blog, my surroundings, the music I am listening to while typing is all art, a different way of doing work. He has definitely opened up another world for me. Everything I do, I will now consider it art and pay attention more to my style of doing things.

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  1. Good post, B. I especially like the way you related the 6 steps to playing basketball. But remember, keep your observations separate from your summaries.