13 February 2012

Bored of Surviving and Reproducing!

       What a great discovery made from the boredom of humankind...ART! Scott McCloud, author of Understanding Comics: The Invisible Art, illustrates in Chapter 7 how art is a form of self-expression and is definitely demonstrated in comics. From the beginning of humankind, surviving and reproducing could not possibly be the only things to do. Art was created due to the need of a sense of identity and individuality. Interestingly enough, art is good for you according to McCloud. Providing exercise for the mind, an outlet for emotional imbalance and sometimes leading to interesting discoveries, art has evolved during the years (167.) McCloud describes that art has six basic steps which are followed by all artist in creating their pieces. The order does not matter but in all art forms the concepts are: Idea/purpose, form, idiom, structure,craft and surface. Re-creating comics is fundamental to their development, it depends on each artist to give to each comic the special touch that will change it up and make it unique. The cycle of comics changes and it is up to each individual artist’s innovation and creativity to build on the previous set of rules. 
It is natural for humankind to get bored after surviving and reproducing, and that is when the beauty of art kicks in. Being a unique individual, having an exclusive personality and a particular identity is fundamental to humankind. We take pride in having a distinction from everybody else and having personal talents. Art has evolved and what people appreciate as art has become adaptable to more individuals allowing them to express themselves in that way. Looking back at McClouds previous chapters that involve the methods and content of comics, this chapter ties in to show the struggle comics have been through in order to even be considered a piece of art. McCloud not only breaks down what goes on in a comic, but also what it takes for an author to even come up with the story of a comic. The six basic steps he describes are applicable to all forms of art and it is interesting because they are sometimes unconscious for an artist. Panels, word bubbles and icons take time to be put together in a way that they contain all six steps and create one comic book. A piece of work with that much thought and effort in it should most definitely be considered art and Scott McCloud gives enough evidence to make us appreciate this work. Times change and so should art, it takes innovative artist to continue a cycle without letting it fall into monotony. 

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