16 February 2012

Ch:2 The vocabulary of Comics

In Chapter 2, When McCloud states that "the sorts of images we usually call symbols are one category of icon”, I agree. Every time we see an icon or symbol, as in comics, we can see and know what is being said. As McCloud explains, seeing a picture of a man does not mean it is a man, or if we see a picture of a car, that doesn't mean it is a car.
McCloud asks the question, "why are we so involved," in cartoon figures more than realistic images? When looking at comics, it seems as though it is just nature to see a cartoon drawing than it is to think of a comic as a realistic image. It is much easier to use our imagination when looking at cartoons, than it is when looking at real images but when looking at a cartoon image, our mind can kind of wonder what is going to happen, or what just happened or what may happen. The expression on a cartoon drawing is more imaginative than that of a real picture of a person, especially if there is much detail to the picture.

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  1. Mel, remember that you need to summarize a reading, and then respond to it. Here, you're jumping straight into your response.