16 February 2012

Chapter 3 Blood in the gutter

In Chapter 3, McCloud talks about how he sees the world as a child. As children we are incapable of closure and if we as adults are incapable of closure we wouldn’t be able to do anything. Readers can use the moment to moment, action to action, scene to scene, the comic may be easier to follow. Following the different sequences can explain more about the comic, than just reading on and on, with nothing really to follow. I like the pictures McCloud shows us on pages 84 and 85 and agree when he states, "we assume as readers that we will know what order to read panels in."  Whenever I have looked at comics I have had to reread it to make sure I am looking at it correctly or going in the right direction or sometimes have even just not even bothered with looking or trying to read comics.
As I read on, I find it amusing that the points McCloud is using for "Understanding Comics," are somewhat the same points we use in everyday life to interpret everyday situations, for example a picture of a bed might let us know that there is a hotel, but not that the picture is a bed.

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