13 February 2012

Chapter 7-Six Steps to Understanding Art

Art can be viewed in many different ways. Many people believe art is something that should only be done in leisure time and as a hobby. If you haven't studied art or are an artist than understanding the emotion and hard work that is put into a piece can be a difficult thing to do. Scott McCloud writes of how not only is art important and time consuming, but how comics should also be considered works of art. By people belittling the importance of art puts comics right under the barrel. How then can comics be respected if other works of art are being put down? The six steps are simple. One you must have an idea and/or a purpose for your work, without a purpose no one will take interest. Second is the form the art is in, such as sculpture or canvas. Third comes the idiom, which is the distinct style the art has. Fourth is the structure of the art and how it was assembled and put together. Fifth must be craft how the work is constructed. Last is the surface, what is perceived by the audience of the art on first glance.

Taking these six steps brings an enormous amount of clarity into the unknown for people who care to learn, or in some cases do not care to learn but still must against their own free will, somewhat of the hard work dedicated to art. Many artists put so much sweat and tears into what they may hope to be master pieces some day that I think they deserve respect that they have earned.  I myself was a disbeliever in art being a higher practice until reading some of Scott McCloud writings. The view on art should not be summed up in a nutshell but rather admired and arouse the curiosity of everyone it comes in contact with and appreciated for what it is worth.


  1. I really liked your introduction. I am one of the peole who believe art is a hobby and I disagree with McCloud because Art should be on a painting not in a comic book.

  2. This is well-written, Charisse. But your mixing McCloud's ideas with your own interpretation in the first paragraph. Keep those separate: "they say, I say."