12 February 2012

Chapter 7: The Six Steps

  In chapter seven Scott McCloud says that comics are an art form, and that almost everything done by us is an art from. Also Scott McCloud says that "The creation of ANY work in ANY medium will always follow a certain path." Now the first step is the idea and purpose which just means that from emotions to ideas are part of the contant, the second step is form and that is just what the contant will turn into weather it be a book, comic, ect, the third step is the idiom and that is just what style the contant will have, the fourth step in the structure and that is the step that puts everything together like a composer would a piece for a chior, step five is the craft and that is the step that as in the words of Scott McCloud "Is getting the Job done." And finally that sixth and last step is the sufrace and that is the superficial and most aparetnt aspect of the art. Scott McCloud also talks about in chpater seven that some new artists copy what old artists have done but its not as good or the same because they just saw what was on the surface, and also that the core of anything is the most important.

I really likes this chapter I like that he explained each of the six steps helping me inderstand that there is more to art than just an idea it takes a lot more than that. Also Scott McCloud classified comics as an art form but by exlpainig the steps of Idea and Purpoes, From, Idiom, Structure, Craft, and Surface helped validate that. And Scott McCloud also said that even though the thoughts or steps may come in a diffrent order they always fall into place so now i think that i like this chapter because it gave me a better idea about how exactly comics or any art form are made and it gave me a new respect for the people who write them and it made me better understand the book this chapter kind of put everything into place.


  1. I really like how this chapter gave you a better appreciation about this kind of art form and the way you explained yourself through the structure of the six steps he listed. I would really like this blog even more if you or someone proofread this before you submitted it. I also think this could have used a little bit more elaboration in terms of explaining what the six steps really are and what they mean. I hate to be so blunt but this criticism is only constructive and i hope it will benefit your next blog. Best luck! :)

  2. I like how u explained the six steps to any artistic work. Also I believe that the summaries are not to have quotes in them.