14 February 2012

Chapter 7: The Six Steps

    In chapter 7 of Understanding Comics Scott McCloud explains how comics are considered art, especially whith such broad deffinition. He also explains how everyday things we do can be considered art as long as they do not relate to the humans two basic instincs, survival and reproduction. McCloud analyses how a group of bored cavemen are actually making art. One man is beating a simple rhythm, another one is kicking dirt and a little girl sings. these are considered art since art is any way of self expression so we can say the first man is making music, the guy kicking dirt is dancing away frustration and the girl is singing. In this chapter McCloud states that any form of art has six steps it must follow. the six steps consists of 1.) idea/purpose 2.) form 3.) idiom 4.) stucture 5.) craft and 6.) surface. He also explains how artists can eather say something through their art or say something about art itself. If the artists concentrates on form then he sets himself to be an explorer, he is focused on discovering what art is capable of. If the artist's main goal is the idea or purpose then he uses his art as a tool, and becomes a storyteller.

     Chapter 7 was interesting because i would of never thought that bored cavemen can be considered art. I agree with McCloud because art can be any way of self expression meaning that pretty much everything we do is a form of art. This chapter was interesting since i never knew art had steps one must follow.


  1. As we discussed in class, your response needs to be more than "I agree" and "I learned" statements.

  2. your summary is very blunt and straight to the point, definitely not a bad thing. Overall one could get the idea of the chapter. But would you say the entire chapter was interesting or just the concept of anything outside of survival or reproduct is considered art ? Because that idea was what mainly stood out to me.