20 February 2012

Drawing a Conclusion to the Final Piece of the Puzzle

The Final chapter of Understanding Comics the Invisible Art presents a very exuberant philosophy on why comics should be proverbial in the conscious world. McCloud presents this idea that somehow we are alone in our current state of being. The concept that no other person will truly understand what it is like to be you as an individual. He correlates this idea to the fact that we as human beings are unable to communicate from mind to mind, in there for anything that can be used as a form of communication is merely a medium that coverts our thoughts back into thoughts within the mind of another individual. With this concept being understood McCloud makes it very clear that comics are one of the very last forms of mass communication that allows the producing individual’s voice to be heard. But no matter how much this individual tries to convey the thoughts that they have envisioned, the true idea would never be fully duplicated due to the limitations associated with today’s mediums. McCloud also furthers the point of his definition of comics as inconclusive leaving it open to be refined to include ancient comics in artist that could have possible been overlooked and excluded due to an unclear definition, and furthermore to develop the future of comics as a medium. Towards the end of the chapter McCloud expresses the resourcefulness of comics, their ability to harness the complexity of reality and engage the reader with the capability to display what is actually invisible, but through careful balance and placement of ideas can actually be understood. By the end of this chapter I have developed a great understanding of what McCloud has been trying to convey with the entirety of this book. The ideas and concepts have been built up only to be broken down over and over again. McCloud has brought about a very different perspective that I would have never cared to pay attention to. Although he has used comics to convey his message, what has stood out most for me is the use of comics as a mass medium. The idea of a limitless ability is an engaging topic of it's own. Combining it with the creative that goes into comics is what makes what McCloud has displayed believable.

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