23 February 2012

A Fundamental Change for the Better

Just because a person may not only want to make a change, but also strive to make that change does not mean a change will come to life. Scott McCloud gave light to a new view on comics in his book Understanding Comics that was published in 1993. McCloud left the debate open to new ideas and criticism, but unfortunately no one took the bait. Being the "comic loyalist" that McCloud is he just could not let this debate go cold, which is why he created Reinventing Comics just seven short years after publishing Understanding Comics. McCloud still believes comics will have their come back, but it will also take a lot of work. McCloud states that the two biggest threats comics are facing is loss of new talent and loss of new readers. Comic artists certainly don't get paid enough. With all the new technology that has come out reading period has been pushed aside for video games and television. With all this taken into consideration comics still have hope in the twelve revolutions which are comics as literature, comics as art, creators' rights, industry innovation, public perception, institutional scrutiny, gender balance, minority representation, diversity genre, digital production, digital delivery and finally digital comics.
Hard copies of comics are hard to come by because they do not make enough profit on their own and the majority of people no longer read purely for pleasure. What McCloud suggests is to give comics a new appeal. If comics were to strike a broader audience, diverse spectrum of styles and subject matter, as McCloud puts it, than perhaps people would look at comics as a past time worth returning to. Comics big problem is that they have only moved forward which leaves behind great work from the past and only a couple genres at a time to work with. McCloud suggests that instead of moving forward comics must move outward so as to intertwine the future, past and present and that will lead comics to better diversity and a better public perception. These twelve revolutions McCloud has given in turn gives comics twelve directions to grow.
I do believe that the time has come to give comics a fundamental change that will change the way they are thought about and visualized. Looking at present day comics, I don't think the way people percieve comics has changed very much, but comics have definitely been brought up to date with modern day technology. You can download hundreds of comic apps on an iPad/iPod/iPhone which makes them easier to find and search through which in turn helps comics,at the very least, start to be read by more people.

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