28 February 2012

Game Changer

In the beginning of the journal, Dylan gives to Scott McCloud’s book, “Understanding Comics:

The Invisible Art.” Dylan shows praise by calling it the best “comics theory published in English

so far.” He is also criticizing the drawings in some comics, by calling them poorly drawn

cartoons. But that Scott has a solution to breaking the “sterotypes” of comics. He also points out

that Scott must erase the history of comics. As you read more and more into the journal he

changes his point of view and starts saying that Scott’s definition that he provided us with is

insufficient. Dylan points out that Scott “seduces us with its beauty,” meaning that Scott doesn’t

argue that his definition is any better than any other definition and we don’t even bother to

question him about it. Dylan’s journal made me really think about what Scott McCloud was

trying to say and if I should really trust what he is saying. Dylan makes a statement about when

Scott McCloud suggests that the relationship between pictures and words is really simple, but in

fact there is more to it than what he provides us with. Lastly, Dylan writes that he wrote this

journal as a way of making people see and question what McCloud wrote in his book. That we

shouldn’t just read it and automatically put it on a “peddle stool”

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