23 February 2012

I Blame Technology

For the past two decades the economy and the public has been less than loving to comic books. McCloud argues that comics now a days are less appreciated than when they were at their peak of popularity. He claims that comic books can once again be popular if they are reintroduced to a wider range of discourse communities. McCloud discusses how there is a big social conflict on how comics are intended for certain groups. He mentions that there needs to be more comics that attract different races as well as genders. McCloud also argues that comics can be used for academic purposes to introduce various subjects. He thinks its possible to improve our ecoomy if comics were to become more popular.
I think that comics can become popular again if they are promoted right. They should be promoted to try and reach new comic readers by adding more genras. It is iportant as not all people enjoy reading the same stuff, they all have their own genres they enjoy. I also agree with McCloud on his idea that comics can be used for academics. And I think most people would agree because it can make learing alot more easy and a lot less boring. I never imagined having to take a college class that revolves around comics but im glad I am because I think its more effective than having to write about something I cant relate to at all. I also belive that the reason why comics are not as popular as they once were is because of the new technology. Because of all the new technology people got away from reading and spent most of their free time watching movies and play video games.

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