24 February 2012

In the hope to bring comics back:

In The Twelve Revolutions by Scott McCloud he talks about where comics are now and where he would like them to be in the future. From 1984-1994, McCloud’s first ten years of making comics, sales were looking good for them then from 1994 to 1998 the demand of comics declined therefore causing many comic book stores to close down. McCloud hopes to turn this around by introducing his ideas on how comics can reach their full potential. By focusing on these key components: comics as literature, comics as art, creators’ rights, industry innovation, public perception, Institutional scrutiny, gender balance, minority representation, diversity of genre, digital production, digital delivery, and digital comics Scott McCloud hopes to see comics reach their full potential. Scott McCloud’s solution for comics are for them to “grow outward”, instead of move forward.(22) McCloud thinks artists should create comics for a broader audience, which will help comics branch out into different genres.
In this reading Scott McCloud shows us the possibilities comics have in the world today. We have an open view of life and I feel that it gives comics a chance to reach their full potential. In this day and age I feel that anything is and can be accepted.

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  1. Not a bad summary, Mel.

    But how does this connect to UC?