22 February 2012

The Intro

In the Introduction the Twelve Revolutions Scott McCloud relates his book Understanding Comics to this text, by reintroducing the concept of comics being close to nonexistent. He explains that in the 1990's comics were thought to just start beginning the top of their incline, but it was in fact their peak and then started to decline. As McCloud is explaining this, he in a way makes us question if comics will ever become popular again or if other authors ideas will ever escape into the world of comics. But it makes you wonder, if comics were so popular over 20 years ago and still have yet to come back up, is it possible? Or could it be a work in progress over these last 20 years that is an up and coming epic come back? The answer to this may come later, and may never come but it is honestly up to the readers to make this happen. In Understanding Comics McCloud applies the idea throughout the book how comics have fallen and the generation of comics since the 90’s has dropped to a new level. Now kids hardly even pick up a book. Before reading was expected and now it is sort of praised upon if kids do it at their own will, so in that it is obvious how dramatic things have changed over the years and over the generations.  This Introduction is opening our eyes as readers showing us how the things we do affect the outcome, the bigger picture.

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  1. Erin, it's difficult to tell what's summary and what's opinion/response here. Make it more clear in the future.