22 February 2012

Introduction (The Twelve Revolutions)

In the Introduction of The Twelve Revolutions Scott McCloud went over that were at their peak in the early eighties but made a downward crash in the 90s. And durning 1994 - 1998 a number of comic book retailers were shut down. As Scott McCloud talks about the downfall of comics he brings up his twelve revolutons, the first one is "Comics as Literture" and by this McCloud just ment that he wanted the public that comics are worthy of studying and are important. The second one was " Comics as an Art" with that being said McCloud wanted comics to be know as an art from such as paintings. The third is "Creators Rights" and McCloud wanted" Comic Creators to gain more control over thier fate" the fourth  is "Industry Innovation" when McCloud said this i think that he ment comics should be for both the proucer and consumer. The fifth  is" Public Pereption" McCloud wanted the public to acknowledge the full potential of a comic. The sixth is " Industry Scrunity" all this means is that McCloud wanted all comics to be judged that same as anyother piece of literature would be judged. The seventh" Gender Balance" with that being said comics are not only for one gender they are and can appeal to any boy or girl. The eighth " Minority Representation"  this just means that comics can appeal to anyone no matter if the person is young, old, male,or female. The ninth is  "Diversity " this just means that comics are not only made for children they can also be for oldeder people.  Now the only problem with comics is that there is no new talent and not enough people with a passion for comics writing and or reading as there was.

When Scott McCloud wrote the introduction i think that he related it to his book Understanding Comics.

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  1. This is really rushed, Kayla. Take your time and add in the details.