27 February 2012

Introduction The Twelve Revolutions

Introduction The Twelve Revolution was a detailed chapter presenting the reader with new information about comics. There are different concepts relating comics that are being presented. The primary focuses of the chapter are the twelve revolutions. The twelve revolutions are goals that many comic authors would like to accomplish during their career.

The twelve revolutions are all a goal, goals that if they are reached the author will become very successful. These are personal goals that take time and effort to obtain. If these goals are reached it will make the author a successful person and will satisfy the comic strip audience by being exposed to good work. These revolution are broad ideas which are also very beneficial in the comic world because this will help build a better reputation for comics.

Some of these revolutions expose opportunities to individuals that read comics. The main focus of revolution seven is to have equal opportunities for people of both sexes. This is very important because it gives many people an opportunity to make making comics a way of living; giving comics more interest to the public.

For the last part of the revolutions come the final three which are all based on new technology, the revolutions are digital production, digital delivery, and digital comics. These three revolutions are very important for plenty of reasons. These are very important because this is the new form of distributing and exposing comics to the public. Like this it has become easy for people to be more involved with comics. Success for the individuals creating comics (and comics themselves) will come by achieving the twelve goals presented.

I really liked this chapter for many reasons. The importance of the twelve revolutions is big. This chapter showed me that comics are more than just an entertaining for some individuals. Many people are dependent on comics; also many individuals are given an opportunity to gain success in a different style. With the support of many people the world of comics could grow and become more important in society. Scott McCloud understands that support from the public is crucial for the world of comics to grow. This was a fun chapter to read and also very helpful in understanding comics and the importance of them to some people.

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  1. Your summary seems a little off; I think you're misunderstanding the idea behind the 12 revolutions.

    Also, how does this chapter connect to a previous text we've read? That was part of this assignment :-/