29 February 2012

"Inventing Comics with a new meaning"

Dylan Horrocks article Inventing Comics: Scott McClouds Definition of Comics could not be any more complex but correct in Horrocks article he discusses the way that Scott McCloud argues all of his facts to get us to do something about the slow fall of comics in our modern world. Scott McCloud gets all of his points across but doesn't give us any actual evidence or tells us what he really wants done for this situation.
Does Scott McCloud really need evidence he has already proven that he has credibly and got people on his side of comics. What people took away from this is that what comics are, what Scott wanted to explain is this is what he wanted comics to be and that people should not value comics the way that they do now today. He wants us to admire the form of comics while getting to know whats under the surface. McCloud's point in his book is based on sequential art is where McClouds definition begins and ends.
Horrocks goes on in his article to discuss that Scott doesnt want us to destroy are thought of comics but expand it and to break it down and make it something more than what it has become over the years. When it comes to talking about Scott McClouds second book Horrock starts discussing how Reinventing comics is no longer just about cartoons and his overall purpose but expanding his purpose to a more wider selection of readers.
the war between words and pictures is arguing the boundaries between the art where the words and pictures are made into comics and how McCloud wants his readers to hit under the surface see what they mean and do something about them disappearing in modern day culture.

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