01 March 2012

Is Superman Jewish!

           Up, Up, and Oy Vey by Michael Charbon explains who would have thought a hero would be created by two Jewish boys from Ohio. The two Jewish boy’s names were Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster. They created Superman because the time period they were in desperately needed a hero during the uprising of Adolf Hitler. Hitler was determined to wash out all the Jews and those that did not meet his standards lost their lives. Hitler’s dictatorship is what started World War II in 1939 and created the rebirth of Superman!

            The reading then goes on to explain Superman's journey imitates the story of Moses. To start from the beginning Superman was from a planet called Krypton which faced total destruction and then Moses was from Egypt which faced extinction of all male offspring. The only way Superman survived this destruction was being sent into a rocket ship to earth and Moses survived death by being put into a basket by his mother down the Nile River. Both Superman and Moses are found and raised in completely different cultures then what they were born into. As the story goes on about them they are both told they have certain gifts and when the time comes they need to use it. Moses and Superman both stay hidden under their true identity in order to do what is required to come for their reasoning of life.

            Charbon says Superman is Jewish and is simply proven by even the suffix within his alien name Kal-El. The suffix “El” is constantly one of the ancient names God periodically uses throughout the Bible. God shows a light for us to find a righteous path and the voice of reasoning. Seems that the prefix of Superman’s name Kal has similar meaning standing for “with lightness,” “vessel,” and “voice.” The proof through Superman action comics are clear that there is some biblical background implemented in his stories.

            After reading Up, Up and Oy Vey I realized how David Knzles definition about comics came into effect. Knzles definition was comics need to have relevance so the audience can grow a greater understanding and also to be mass media which creates means of communication. I think Superman definitely had relevance at its time because it had to do with Adolf Hitler which was trying to turn the world upside down. Superman hit mass media like wild fire, they made movies, shows and radio series about him. A character created by two Jewish men turned into an all- American icon.

            Is Superman Jewish? I cannot say, I can’t quite take in that a made up comic super hero has similarities to Moses which was a real biblical icon. All the similarities were remarkable and his made me look at Superman as a symbol now not just a comic book superhero!
It's because he's Jewish!!!


  1. Actually, I think Weinstein pretty clearly states that he's not suggesting Superman (or any of the heroes he discusses in his book) are Jewish, just that their creators had their own Jewish beliefs in mind during their creation.

    Also, I'm not sure what your video has to do with your blog.

  2. Aside from the little boy having a Jew fro, an old lady says "of course he's jewish" when superman is flying back with the boy. Lol.