14 February 2012

Kayla Safarik
February 13, 2012
The Art of Life
Throughout chapter seven of Understanding Comics, by Scott McCloud he explains how art is a part of our everyday life, and has been even back when caveman roamed. He notes that art can simply be taking a stick and waving it around in the dirt to make a design, it is a way that we can express our emotions. Everyday art is mostly created unconsciously, and is something that everyone does, McCloud also details how each panel of a comic is constructed from six steps: Idea/purpose, form, idiom, structure, craft, and surface, using these six important steps is the key to a good comic is the message that McCloud is portraying. In the chapter there are several examples of young artists that believe that they have what it takes to be the main artists for a comic, but they get a reality check when they show their work to a skilled scripter. This shows that, the art of comics is complex, and requires a lot of experience and studying.
This chapter was short but it clearly explained everything that a reader would need to learn about the art of comics. The point that McCloud brought up about how we make art everyday sometimes without knowing it was eye opening, because I never considered it art before. I also realize now how talented and hard you have to work to become the main artist of a comic, because it is a competitive market, and many artists are trying to do the same thing as you. I have a wider respect for comics now.


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