14 February 2012

McCloud begins chapter seven by explaining his definition of Art. He says that art is anything that humans do excluding the two main human instincts, survival and reproduction. He gives a few examples of art as drawing a picture in the sand, or tapping with a rock to make a beat. According to McCloud these are both examples of art because they are entertaining to the person performing the act of drawing or tapping, and they do not have anything to do with survival and reproduction. McCloud then goes on to talk about the different elements of art. He explains that most artist use there work as a survival method to make a living, but there are very few who do art just because they love art. These people are called Pure Artists they do not do art for money or fame they do it simply because they love to do art. McCloud says Pure Artist's work may have no practical value but it is important work because it leads back to the artist's purpose. McCloud goes on to explain that all art follows a path consisting of 1. idea/purpose, 2. form, 3. idiom, 4. structure, 5. craft, and 6. surface. He uses an example of an apple to explain this path and Finnish with a metaphor saying that comics could be the seed of the apple and could be planted all around to restart the cycle of ideas.

McCloud used a lot of examples in this chapter to explain his point. My favorite example was the apple because it really helped me see that most art that is newer and better looking gets more attention than those that do not look to great. The ones that do not look to good are usually the ones that helped for the really nice looking ones. I agree with McCloud when he says that comics could be the seeds to help plant ideas back into art and that they could be spread far and wide.

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