23 February 2012

Comics Reinvented

McCloud's chapter 2 of Understanding Comics and The Twelve Revolutions are very alike because they both talk about the different types of comics and that there is a different type of comic out there for everyone.  In Understanding Comics, McCloud views comics as an art.  He relates back to Ancient Egyptian times where sequential art is looked at in a comic view.  In The Twelve Revolutions, we see comics as not only an art, but a form of spoken word.  This proves that comics even with text, are a type of art.
In Reinventing Comics, there is a large focus on how comics can be appreciated and become more popular.  In Understanding Comics, McCloud also wants comics to be appreciated.  When McCloud and David Kunzle's perspectives on comics are compared, it is hard to tell whether they share the same views on the comic strips popularity.  Kunzle says "of all the lively arts, the comic strip is the most despised, and with the expectation of movies, the most popular."  McCloud says "comics may never attain the popular height of moving images."  McCloud sounds as if the gratitude for comics is decreasing.  We learn that McCloud and Kunzle both want comics to appreciated for their work.  They don't want comics to be viewed low and want their works to be available to all different types of people and age groups, not just children.  There is a different genre for everyone.


  1. I liked how you chose to compare McClouds thoughts to Kunzles thoughts. I just think you need to ellaborate more to make this a perfect summary. Overall, good job though!

    1. There actually is no summary here. Granted, the response is interesting :-)