23 February 2012

The Potential Of Comics...

In the Introduction The Twelve Revolutions McCloud  introduces himself and go directly into pointing out that he is a true comic Author. He explains he is not a professional comic book author for the money or the fame he does it simply to get comics to reach their full potential. He explains his past experiences writing and drawing comics. He goes back ten years to 1984 and says that comics where at their peak and all of the comics authors thought that was just the beginning of comics, but they were wrong that was their peak. The years following it was a down hill fall for most of the authors and comics fans. McCloud goes on to talk about some of the common ground that most authors in the 80 and 90 all agreed on. Comics as Art, Creators Rights, Industry innovation, Public perception, institutional scrutiny, gender balance, minority representation and a few more are all agreed a pone perception of comics back in 1984 till 1994. McCloud explains he thinks that there are so many new and great ideas that are yet to be discovered, he just needs younger generations to realize comics potential and stop judging them as lame, for boys, and useless.

I think one of the things that are different between this books introduction and Understanding comics is that he does not directly give the reader an opinion. He is stating his opinion, explaining his view of comics, telling why he is writing this book, and what he wants out of writing this book. In the first book he left the door open to his reader to make their own opinions and even let the reader help decide what a comic is. I think this book sounds a little harder to read because of the big vocabulary. This book seems to be for a reader that is a fan of McCloud's last book and  wants to hear more of what McCloud has to say bout comics.

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