22 February 2012

Reinventing the Lost Art

Scott McCLoud wrote Understanding Comics to change how the world see's comics and how the perception of comics is all wrong. Although McCloud wrote such convincing book, people didn't take his advice and debate about comics and change the rest of the world's perception. Comics were probably held at a higher standard twenty years ago when he wrote Understanding Comics. This caused McCloud to write another book, Reiventing Comics, even though he said all he could say about comics.
In the introduction of Reinventing Comics McCloud talks about how the comic business is so bad that no one can make a living off of them unless they join with Marvel or DC. The problem with this is that if ccomic artists have to join with a parent company such as Marvel or DC, then they can no longer produce their individual ideas through their work, and the only genre for comics would end up being superheroes. In Understanding Comics McCloud briefly talked about how any artists including comic artist should at first produce their work out of pure passion, and if they make money doing it, well thats all the better. Well in our society when times get tough people are more concerned about making money than their true passion. So in this scenario McCloud didn't just wirte this book for theoretical reasons, but maybe to keep the comic business alive. McCloud argues that comics should be produced and purchased at reasonable prices. It almost seems as more of a plea than a persuasion. McCloud writes about the 12 Revelations that could change the comic industry. These revelations should promote growth. The revelations create equality for genders, minorities, the public, and the creators. Comics should be considered both literature and works of art. Comics should involve a public perception and they can become digital. And Comics should have many genres. McCloud also retouches on how comics are art which is not necessary because he explored it so deeply in Understanding Comics.
McCloud argues that comics should be more important than action figures, trading cards, and role-playing games. The problem with this is that society trains us to believe that reading is no longer important and action figures or video games or TV is better than reading. Society holds reading at a very low standard, so comics are even lower. McCloud's "vision" seems like a good idea, but as society will have it comics may never gain their true value without movies or video games.

This chapter did not keep my attention like Understanding Comics did. This book so far seems as if McCloud is begging for people to raise the standard and value of comics. Comics value can only be raised in one way and that's by the help of other media such as video games and movies. If people like the movie or video game they may be interested in looking into the comics. Other that that comics will not gain value on their own.


  1. You're making some excellent observations here, Kylee.

    But what happened to relating the chapter to another text?

  2. Good post! Your thoughts on other types of media's affects on comics were interesting. I agree that other media can help spark interest in comics.