14 February 2012

The seventh element

" The seventh element" . In chapter seven Scott Mc Cloud is bringing meaning to feelings to expression of a humans view point or conception of innovative thinking. Reading this chapter Mc Clouds shows numerous of examples of how humans expressed themselves since the ancient times. The art form of comics are where we are today finding the value and invative creativity the empires of comics began. The comparison of a old lady drawing in the dirt with her stick and a gay dancing after previously being beat up, or maybe even a man resting after a long day making rhythm beats by tapping a rock all while letting out expressional feelings some consciously some unconsciously. Still to this day people are always making up an way to express themselves some though body modifications or changing the way they have sex. As Scott Mc Clouds states his art is worthless but it is important because it's his expressional view point. Mc Cloud then introduces the path six steps. Idea/purpose,form,idiom,structure, craft, surface all together you will be able to present the best comic ever. Chapter seven was a very fun chapter to read it out look on how people view point of art varies through put each individual, but how it also had meaning and value because of the expression it gave off from the artist that created it. Mc Cloud dug deep into his phsyciatric tool box to pull something this smart out and be able to relate it to the art form he shows he loves in comics. I think this chapter is my favorite chapter like MR.Ben.

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  1. This isn't a bad summary, but where's your response?