28 February 2012

Silent Metaphor's

       This summary on Scott McCloud’s book of definition of Comics is a very well written piece of information on comics and also ingenious commentary that Dylan Horrocks pointed out. The Summary is very well informative on comics books if you didn’t read Scott McCloud's novel on comics but I though this Dylan Horrocks narrated the views on the book in this summary. As you began to read this really long blog by Horrocks, you began to see the views that McCloud’s points in explain in his novel and the point that he want the public received from his book about comics. Like for example the passage about comics and the definitions in Scott McCloud's book:


Pg.9, panels 5-6
Dylan Horrocks, (“Scott McCloud’s Inventing Comics: Definition of Comic”, Comics Journal #234, June 2001) 2001


       In retrospective, Horrocks did an excellent job in explaining the main points in the chapter and more importantly the whole book ideologies on comics.the article by Horrocks get to the main point as comics book as an art form and more important conduit metaphor to send out clear message of communication to the audience in reading overall goals in  that McCloud’s book ask to achieve. This is also a very stylist and well written summary that meant to look like blog but really it’s descriptive article on McCloud’s book. But overall I like this article was written with ingenious hook lines and panels slide from Scott McCloud’s books. I agree on the points that Dylan Horrocks article and the well descriptive attempts on Scott McCloud’s Book of Comics. I really enjoyed this article by Horrocks and share the same views but Scott McCloud’s groundbreaking novel.

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    This summary is much to short, Jake. You're missing a lot of important ideas.