12 February 2012

Six Step Challenge

According to Scott McCloud art is something that doesn’t grow out of our two basic instincts of survival or reproduction. For example in chapter seven McCloud has panels with prehistoric male and female. The male was chasing the female with reproduction on his mind and the female runs away with survival on hers. Then she hides and a tiger comes out and chases the male and quickly his thoughts change to survival.
Well with our thoughts of reproduction and survival, this is not what we can do all the time. No matter what we do we still tend to get bored at times and end up with nothing to do. I.e. page 166 McCloud points out that even though there is a group of inactive cave dwellers they’re actually a thriving art colony and unknowingly they make art. Like the old woman draws designs in the sand thus creating art.
Now in today’s society many things may have changed but I the end we still live by our basic rules of reproduction and survival but in almost everything we do there is at least an element of art. Some of our occupations that we do today are for our survival but can go hand in hand with our creative desire. Yet there are artists who chose to keep their art pure. “Pure Art” is when the artist does not change their form of art of success I.e. survival.
“Pure Art” is connected to the question of deciding what you want out of art. Now this is tied to comics, paintings, theatre, film, or any other form of art because any form of work fallows a certain path of six steps. The first step is the idea or purpose; this is the content of the work. Second is form and here you put all your work together. Fifth step is craft which is constructing the work or getting the job done. The last and final step is surface. Step six is the finishing product of the idea and all the work.
In all forms of art people appreciate the surface like an apple. In chapter 7 there are three apples, one that has a surface that is a little dirty and kind of bruised, another that looks a little better but still not what we look for in an apple, and finally there is an apple that has a shiny, polished outside which is what we choose but once we bite into it we find out that it is hallow. This is a prime example of a cycle that is as old as art itself.
So basically in this chapter, according to McCloud, there is some form of art in everything we do which I agree with. We may not see it the same way that McCloud dose because most of every one is blind to art in our everyday life and do not look at the picture as a whole.


  1. I think this was a really good blog about chapter 7 because you put all of the main points from the chapter into your summary.

  2. This is a really great summary, but you're not really responding to the chapter.